Shipping & Handling

Once your order is complete and we get the confirmation for your payment, you will receive an email from us to let you know we have received your order and it is been processed and prepared for shipping.

All orders take 2-7 days to process depending on the number of orders we have to process at any given time. Once processed, your order will be shipped directly to you.

Shipping may take up to 2-3 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks to reach you depending your location and the company handling the delivery. Obviously, items shipped to international addresses take longer than those shipped locally.

We cannot guarantee an exact shipping time due to our shipping facility being international and we have no way to control exactly how fast your order may arrive. Most customers receive their order within two weeks of placing their orders. We work as hard and as quickly as we can to ensure a speedy delivery.

For more information about shipping & handling, visit our FAQ page. Or, if you prefer to speak to someone in our support team, do not hesitate to visit our Contact Us page.

To check the status of your order, visit our Order Tracking page.